「Can we drive the car to here」she said.

My grandma left the words in front of the camphor trees in Kyoto Botanical Garden.

In March 2018, grandma was 88 years old. She took the bullet train from Yokohama to Kyoto by herself. That was her first time took the bullet train by herself I really worried about that she could find out the platform or not. I worried for a long time before I got on with planning the Kyoto tour, because of her elderly could not walk for long time. Therefore, she does not want to give unconvinced feel for us between the tours. However, I have no idea when we can travel together next time. In that case, I decided to plan the tour this time even it was a big challenge to us.

When I told grandma the tour date, she was so glad. She could not wait to visit.

When the date she went to buy the bullet train ticket at the station, she thrilled and happy to tell the staff that「my grandson is waiting for me in Kyoto.」

We visited Toji Temple for our first spot in Kyoto.  

My aunt’s husband is Shingon Buddhism. If grandma come to Kyoto should get there one time. My aunt told to me.

After that, we went to Shosei garden. Because grandma who likes flowers and I thought she wished to see beautiful flowers. As I expected, when we entered the Shosei garden grandma used her cane to point the flower and told me the name and the feature of them.

Then we went to Rozanji temple cradle of Genjimonogatari. (The tale of Genji)

Grandma is interested in Tanka. (Tanka is a genre of classical Japanese poetry and one of the major genres of Japanese literature.) Her bookshelf put the Genjimonogatari, which wrote by famous poet called Jakucho Setouchi.

Grandma preferred the moss crawling on the spending trees to the quaint dry landscape garden.

The last spot we arrived to the Kyoto Botanical Garden.

Since it was early March, we could not see Yoshino cherry blossoms and double cherry blossoms, but we enjoyed fallen apricot blossoms like a passage of “Manyoshu” (Japan’s oldest anthology of poems) which was the etymology of “Reiwa”.

The camphor trees that I was the said in the beginning.

If you went to Kyoto Botanical Garden before, I think you know when I go through the camphor trees that will see the exit.  

Nevertheless, these short distances were so for to grandma. I saw the disappointment in her face.

I used a car as the means of transportation, and I felt that the walking distance was hopelessly far.

With the tour, I realized that it was not easy for 88 years old age elderly to go outside for the one day long.

Naturally, I am reflecting on it. However, I enjoyed simple meal when we eaten before tea served at night and my grandmother’s Kyoto trip ended successfully.

Two years after that, my grandma, who had dementia, could not remember who I am.

When I talk with her, she still takes care and not realizing that she has forgotten me.。

Nevertheless, I try to tell her my name first and I am her grandchild.

When I see the photo, which we took in Kyoto I can remember everything what did we do and where did we visit. Like we went to see the flower in Shosei garden or went to Rozen Temple and so on.

Even grandma do not remember who we are or when we went to Kyoto but when I see the smile and happiness on her face in the photo. I think everything is worth it.

I glad to take that awesome photo on that time. Therefore, if I could provide the mini tour service to others who would like to have great in Kyoto. No matter whom you are.

That is why I start to get with “KYOTO WALK”

We provide not only photography service but also local guide service too.

I just would like to create the good memory in your life diary.