Model Course

※ This is a most popular Drive tour route in Kyoto. We will respond to your request as much as possible. If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

■1 hours walking plan

■2 hours driving plan

■3 hours driving plan
嵐山 竹林の小径→嵐山駅周辺→渡月橋周辺→松尾大社

■5 hours driving plan
六道珍皇寺(Rokudochinno temple)→六波羅蜜寺(Rokuharamitsu temple)→豊国神社(Toyokuni shrine)→喫茶(市内)(Café in Kyoto city )→清水寺(Kiyomizu temple)

KYOTO WALK is a service that realize a completely privet trip to Kyoto.

We want to let you enjoy Kyoto without worrying about reservations, movements, gets lost in the city and complicated things.

You do not have to find the way by yourself or worry about where to go next.

We will propose and realize privet tours that meet the needs and budgets of travelers.

From popular tourist destinations to lesser-known local places and shops, we will provide to courses that suit the tastes of travelers.

You may throw the whole destination. We will take care of transportation, guides and photographers. So please enjoy your luxurious time in Kyoto to your heart’s content.